Summer Session 2014 Adult Aerial Fabric Classes

Introduction to Aerial Fabric

This class is for anyone who wishes to start learning the basics of working with fabric as an aerial apparatus. No previous experience with fabric is required. We will start out with basic climbing and footwrap/footlock based skill progressions and progress toward longer sequences involving inversions
on the fabric as familiarity with the apparatus, strength, and endurance develop.

Sessions begin with a light warmup and stretching, followed by working on skills on the apparatus, and end with some conditioning exercises and cooldown. Most of the class will focus on fabric; some conditioning exercises will use other apparatus as well. "the floor" and "the wall" count as apparatus!

Ongoing Intermediate Level Drop-in Class

This class is for people who have a basic aerial fabric vocabulary, and are looking to add more material to their repertoire. Students should be familiar with basic footwrap skills, be able to climb and descend the fabric cleanly, and be able to invert while already in the air. We'll work on more complex climbs, linking skills together smoothly, and progress into more complicated wraps for drops, dives, and rolls

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

If you have specifics that you wish to work on or learn, or would simply rather work in a more personal setting than a group class, private and semi-private lessons can be scheduled; email to schedule times.